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The Details

If you like Arkansas 911 News, you will absolutely want to get the VIP Membership.  If you want Arkansas 911 News to grow and be able to provide better, more thorough 24/7 coverage of 911 news events and emergency response news in Garland County, you will also absolutely want to get a VIP Membership.

I have done the impossible with Arkansas 911 News.  I have attempted to cover 911 response news and crime stories from the Garland County area, on a 24 hr/7 days per week schedule, by myself (mostly), going on 7 years, now.  But, dealing with ad sales takes approximately 60% of my time.  1 person can not try to provide 24/7 911 news coverage in Garland County, sell advertising properly AND grow/get better.  I’ve tried….for 7 years.

With the revenue generated by the sale of VIP Subscriptions, we would be able to hire real reporters, move into a studio with offices, run a daily 911 news show, maintain a 24/7 manned 911 news dispatch center, and expand our coverage area to include all regions of the state.

With real reporters coming here and doing what they are supposed to be doing, I would expect our VIP Membership numbers to swell to 10,000 or more in very short order.  Which only means that the quality and quantity of the coverage we provide will increase that much faster.

The whole thing here is that you want to help us grow so we can serve you better.  If you want things exact, you are counting pennies and are very demanding, you probably do not want to get in on this deal.  But, if you have a few bucks to put towards securing yourself better 911 news delivery in Garland County, you will want to get the VIP Pass.

Right now, the VIP Pass will get you access to live video reports from the scene and early access to all arrest stories and crash reports we publish.  The nonpaying viewership will get access to these stories/reports the next day, But the live from the scene reports are for VIP Members only.
As VIP Passes sell, we will add more exclusive content/features and things for our VIP Members.  I have to hire people to do the extra work.  Like, “Parolee Watch”, “From The Court Files” and other new features that I plan to launch.
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